Wine Country Wedding Photographer

Wine Country Wedding Photographer

Wine Country is a picturesque setting that’s ideal for a wedding. If you’re planning to get married amidst this beautiful natural backdrop, you’re going to need a Wine Country Wedding Photographer to help you capture every moment and every detail.

Hi there, my name is Adrian Tamblin. I’m your Wine Country Wedding Photographer extraordinare! I’m a local resident of the Sonoma & Napa wine country region, so I know this place like the back of my hand. I know the terrain, the geography, the vineyards, the culture, the weather — basically everything a great wedding photographer needs to know to make your special day one to remember forever.


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Wine Country is actually a bit of a confusing term for some people, and it can refer to many different places around the world. Just to be clear, I’m talking about the Wine Country located in northern California that famously includes Napa Valley, Russian River Valley, Alexander Valley, and Sonoma Valley. Generally, when people say “wine country” this is the part of California they’re referring to. But sometimes people might use this same term to refer to the Santa Barbara wine region in southern California.

Make no mistake, the Napa and Sonoma area (including Russian River) is the most famous “wine country” in the world. Hosting your wedding here definitely puts you at the top of the list of most desirable wedding destinations.

Wine Country Wedding Photography

I specialize as a Wine Country wedding photographer. I’ve been hired as a photographer for many weddings throughout the wine country region, and I welcome you to browse the pictures across my website to see more of my work and learn more about me.

I would love an opportunity to learn more about you (both bride and groom) and to see how I can help you capture those perfect Wine Country Wedding pictures.

I’m easy to work with, and I have that ideal combination of artistic/creative sensibility PLUS the organizational side to make it all work. (Nobody wants to hire a photographer who can’t seem to keep things organized!)

In fact, I’ve created a list of 10 questions I think everyone should ask their Wine Country wedding photographer before hiring them:

1. Are you local to the Wine Country area?
2. Do you have experience with Wine Country weddings?
3. Are you willing to listen and reach for an understanding of the goals we have for our wedding photography?
4. Do you have the proper camera and lighting equipment for the Wine Country setting?
5. Do you have an open wedding portfolio I can see?
6. Can you work within my wedding budget?
7. Will you be available for me before, during, and after the wedding?
8. Do you have and use the latest photo editing software?
9. Will you blend into the wedding day ambience?
10. Do you have an assistant or second shooter to help?

I recommend that you present this list of questions to every Wine Country photographer you’re considering working with before you get started. It’s a great way to thin the herd and get clear about who your top choices really are.

Why You Should Hire Me

Simply put, I’m in the wedding photography business because I love weddings. I love participating in this special day, and I love doing my very best to capture the most spectacular moments of every single part of your ceremony and reception.

Again, I’m local to the wine country area. This is a huge bonus because I can be easily and readily available no matter which venue you’re using. I can travel to you, and make my schedule flexible to meet your needs.

Most importantly, I am committed to making your special wedding day as perfect as possible! Wedding photography is a big passion. And so is this beautiful Wine Country. I love capturing the spirit of this beautiful place in every single wedding photograph. And, after all, you selected the Wine Country for a reason.

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